Download PTTP Crypto Wallet

[   Step 1) Download Perl   ]
Windows 64bit
Windows 32bit
Linux 64/32bit
Linux should have perl already installed.
Macintosh 64/32bit
New MacOS version should have perl already installed.
The Wallet installation installs Perl automatically otherways.
* Download Perl and Installer perl

** Most Linux and Mac systems have Perl already installed.
[   Step 2) Download PTTP Crypto Wallet   ]
* Unpack to a folder of your desire.

Note: For the current Perl wallet version 1.0.
Before you start your wallet, make sure you first start your default system browser in its own process, to prefend the wallet from hosting the browser window it opens for the wallet, then not being able to connect on itself as it is blocked by the browser process not being detached.
If this may occure you know what browser the wallet opens. Close the wallet app, then open this browser and start the wallet again. This will open a new tab in your browser with full connection to your wallet service.

* Windows *

  1. Install with > PTTP_Install.bat
  2. Start with > PTTP_Wallet.bat

* Linux *

  1. as root Install with > sudo ./
  2. as user Start with > ./

* MacOSx (Pre)installation steps.

  1. Give the Terminal Full Disc Access to make disk access possible for your user. (by Hand)
    • Select [Apple] > System Settings > Privacy & Security > Full Disk Access
      • If Terminal is not listed click [ + ] below.
        • And select Terminal
    • Enable Terminal in the list of Full Disk Access items
  2. Install Xcode Development Layer for System Dependancie Support. (by Hand)
    • Open your App Store and search for 'Xcode'.
    • Install or update Xcode.
  3. Install MacPorts Package Manager. (by Hand)
    • Download for your MacOS Version from
    • Follow their installation instructions.
  4. Download and Unpack PTTP (zip).
    • Download from: PTTP for MacOSx
    • Unpack to your desired destination.
      • (~/Desktop, ~/Documents ?)
  5. Start PTTP/ from either the file browser or directly in the terminal.
    • This will install HomeBrew Package Manager (Automatic),
    • Installs the latest Perl Version. (Automatic) if not yet installed.
      • Open Terminal and check in the terminal with: perl -v
      • To install Perl beforehand enter: curl -L | bash
    • this will build and install all System and Perl dependencies.
  6. Start, or for running your part you desire.

Note: You could skip step 5, as step 6 will check if PTTP_Install has already run or not, and will run PTTP_install if installation was still needed. If everything was installed correct, the application will start.